FIFA 13 - Ultimate Team Hack

First off, this really isn't a hack, but just a way to earn really really fast gold coins, we are talking about 15-20k per hour. You enter 2500 gold tournament or any tournament, set-up the hack or cheat, and just look after it while you get huge amount of gold.

Requirement: igameguardian or gameplayer.
1. Install gameplayer via the cydia repo (
or igameguardian (

2. Launch Fifa 13 and enter ultimate team.

3. Start your prefered tournament. (Mine is 2500 gold one, but you can use any tournament)

4. When you're in the match, open up gameplayer or igameguardian.

5. Add a Hex Address and write 0127b0d8 Add another one and write 012bed28

6. Set their values to 10, 15 or 20 (whatever suits your need) Set the operation to "LOCK" (Locks score. That means everytime you start a match you will start with that many goals)

7. Resume match and just keep your phone infront of you. You can enjoy a movie or something, just make sure the game keeps going (Goal kick, throw in, etc.) You will get around 600-700 gold coins per match. And the tournament prize when you complete it.

8. Enjoy your 10-20k gold coins per hour.

Have a nice day, and keep on cheating!

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